'Hush omaded Edwin!'─HELVETAS Tajikistan welcomes the new Country Director

Dushanbe office welcomes Mr. Edwin Wennink–the newly assigned next Country Director of the Branch Association 'HELVETAS Swiss Intercooperation' in Republic of Tajikistan. 

Dushanbe, Tajikistan, 8 September 2017. On Thursday the Dushanbe office welcomed Mr. Edwin Wennink, who has been assigned as a next Country Director of HELVETAS Tajikistan. Down from a mall, straight to the ball, Mr. Wennink was invited to attend the 'Access to Justice' Project presentation, followed by the visit to the partner NGO 'League of Women Lawyers'. During the visit to 'League of Women Lawyers', Mr. Wennink was introduced to the lawyers and had a bilateral conversation on different topics related to the implemetation of the 'Acces to Justice' Project. 

It is worth mentioning, that for the new Country Director this is not the first time visit to Tajikistan. He had been to Dushanbe and a number of districts three years back. Moreover, Mr. Wennink knows plenty of Tajik words and phrases, which became a very pleasant discovery for his Tajik colleagues.   

We at HELVETAS Tajikistan, promise to treat Mr. Wennink well and hope for the future cooperation and good results. 'Hush omaded Edwin!' (translation from Tajik─'Welcome dear Edwin!').