HELVETAS Projects in Tajikistan

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A2J Project

Access to Justice

Информационная сессия в рамках проекта “Доступ к правосудию”.
The Access to Justice Project (A2J) is guided by the goal of contributing to increased respect and protection of the rights of poor and marginalised people in Tajikistan by strengthening the rule of law, access to justice and measures for improved administration of justice.
OVCD Project

Organic Value Chain Development

Фермер проекта “Развитие Цепочки Органической Стоимости” на хлопковом поле вблизи г. Худжанда.
The results of the first project phase indicate that engagement in organic value chains can be a true alternative for farmers, as it addresses several issues at a time. It has managed to support farmers in successfully converting to organic farming and participating in a new value chain model.
LMD Project

Local Market Development

Лимоны, выращивающиеся в теплицах в Согдийской области
The Local Market Development Project (LMD) is a regional program that focuses on the creation and coordination of fruit and vegetable value chains together with producers who have poor access to traders and exporters, as well as to domestic and export markets.
NWRM Project

National Water Resources Management

The NWRM Project strengthens management of water resources on all levels.
The “National Water Resources Management in Tajikistan” Project (NWRM) will be launched in July 2014. It aims to strengthen management of water resources at all levels, in order to increase water availability and therewith food security; reduce water related disaster risks; and to improve socio-economic indicators in selected rural areas.